Our History

In 1975, the Coventry Rescue Squad was established under the umbrella of the Coventry Volunteer Fire Company, founded by Larry Hatten. From 1975 to 1984, the Coventry Rescue Squad offered non-transporting medical care to the community, utilizing a 1970 GMC vehicle. Subsequently, in 1984, the Coventry Fire Company acquired a 1980 ambulance and began providing patient transportation services. In 1999, the Coventry Fire Company procured its first brand-new ambulance. As time passed, the need for separate organizational structures became evident, leading to the eventual separation of the Fire Company and the Ambulance service.

In 2010, the Coventry Emergency Squad Inc. emerged as an independent entity following its separation from the Coventry Volunteer Fire Company Inc. During this transition period, CEMS acquired a 2015 Osage Type III ambulance, which has since remained in continuous operation. This ambulance is equipped with a LifePack 15 Heart Monitor, enabling a range of medical functions including acquiring 12 lead EKG’s, Blood Pressures, Heart Rate monitoring, Artificial Heart Pacing, Defibrillation, Co2 and SpO2 readings. Additionally, it features a Styker Power Stretcher, LUCAS (automated CPR device), AED, Basic Life Support, and Advanced Life Support equipment and medications. CEMS also maintains a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe designated as a First Response Unit, commonly known as the “Fly Car”, utilized for rapid response in CPR calls or when the ambulance is unavailable due to mechanical issues or event standby requirements. The Fly Car also facilitates the transportation of additional personnel and supplies to the scene as needed. In anticipation of enhancing its capabilities, CEMS expects the delivery of an ASAP MedStat UTV Ambulance in 2024, designed to access remote or challenging terrain where conventional ambulances may struggle to reach. This UTV Ambulance is fully equipped with life-saving features akin to a standard ambulance, including a stretcher, 12 lead EKG, Blood Pressure monitoring, Heart Rate monitoring, Defibrillation, Artificial Heart Pacing, AED, Basic and Advanced Life Support equipment, and temperature control amenities.

Following its separation from the Fire Company, the Coventry Emergency Squad initially operated as a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance. However, by 2019, CEMS transitioned to Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) certification, expanding its capacity to provide limited Advanced Life Support (ALS) care. Subsequently, in 2023, CEMS progressed further, achieving Paramedic certification, thereby enabling the delivery of comprehensive ALS care. With this recent upgrade, ALS providers within CEMS are now equipped to administer care spanning from severe medical conditions to basic BLS-level interventions. Notably, all personnel within CEMS are volunteers dedicated to serving their community.